We know the difference between a resume and a human.

We get to know you personally – not just your qualifications and experience, but your likes/dislikes, career goals, and working style.

how it works

We think about things

Like how long your commute will be and whether you work best alone or with groups. When we present a position, we’ll tell you more about the company, about the hiring manager, what they’re really looking for, and what your real chances are. Even after you get the job, we’ll hand-deliver your paycheck twice a month, just so we can spend some time together, tackle any questions that may have come up, and make sure everything is working out the way you wanted.

Stay In Touch

Let’s talk human to human. Take a look at the positions we have available or just say hello.

We will

  • Do what we say we’ll do
  • Return your calls promptly
  • Prepare you for the interview and even go with you to it
  • Cover your unemployment if you get laid off
  • Stay in touch regularly throughout the contract

We won’t

  • Call and say you got the job, but you’ll have to take $15/hour less
  • Pass anything less than the whole raise onto you
  • Recommend you for a job that we know won’t fit
  • Conveniently not tell you about a challenging boss or situation
  • Forget about you
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