What to expect when you work with Anteo

Working with us is like the difference between being on the phone with tech support while they read answers off a screen versus working with people who understand the technology, get to know you, and put together smarter solutions.

how it works

We ask more of you up front

But only so we can save you a ton of frustration later on. We’ll ask you for:

  • 30 minutes – to talk through your new project and position in detail (we need a call not just a job req)
  • Quick feedback – on why you like/don’t like a candidate
  • Direct access – to the manager

We give you a more complete picture of the candidate

Clients consistently tell us that they love the extra detail and insights that we include in our submittals.

We do more vetting

By the time we bring a candidate to meet you (something we do in person), that first interview is really more like a second interview.

We talk technology

If you’re asking for the kind of candidate that isn’t really available, we’ll tell you (instead of saying yes and nodding, but never getting back to you). We’ll also tell you when a few dollars more would make all the difference. If you need a JSF developer, we might even recommend hiring someone with, say, JSP, Seam, or JBoss experience, because we know they can quickly learn JSF, but are more affordable and available than JSF people.

We listen

To you. To the candidates. Even after we’ve placed a candidate, we’ll see them face-to-face at least twice a month when we hand-deliver paychecks. It’s our way of keeping in touch and keeping everyone on the same page.

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