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National restaurant chain

with over 1,000 locations in the United States

Working directly with the client’s senior leadership, we conducted a QA process assessment to understand the architecture and environment, data volatility, and time-frames. Using the information from this assessment, we designed and executed a Testing Strategy Plan that identified key requirements, critical paths, risks, dependencies and major milestones, resulting in a 21% costs savings to our client.


Business outsourcing solutions

One of the world’s largest providers, with over $10 billion in revenues and over 500,00 clients worldwide

Implementing our hybrid bench plus search model, Anteo Group provided highly skilled, technical resources that assisted in the development of one of the most successful mobile applications of its kind. Our team brought the leadership and specific mobile experience to see the project through, from inception to completion.


Content-enabled work-flow solutions

Global leader with customers in 100+ countries worldwide

Providing a team of Subject Matter Experts including Business Analysts, User Interface Developers, Java Developers, Database Developers and Quality Assurance Analysts, Anteo Group delivered an international, ready-to-launch application. By working with Anteo Group as opposed to larger consulting firm, our client was able to save 31%.


Utility Company

Headquartered in the Southeast

Anteo Group provided a structured approach to implementing a formal PMO that included completing a full assessment of all projects, processes and tools. With our continued support, the client established the PMO, implementing common project management standards, nomenclature, and processes/policies to ensure consistency across the organization. Our recommendations simplified and streamlined processes, resulting in quality improvements and overall savings of 18%.


Online advertising platforms

Provider with over three million listings, 14 million visitors per month and over 300,000 advertisers

Anteo Group installed a project culture to improve the performance of IT by implementing a matrix structure with a strong PMO. Before the change, the organization was executing 15-20 large projects per year with varying degrees of success. After our efforts, the organization successfully supported upwards of 70 major initiatives, throughput of work was improved threefold while defects reached an all time low, and the established PMO continues to act as a change agent inside the organization.


B2B e-commerce and integrations services

Delivering solutions to over 75% of Fortune 500 clients

Having outsourced a large portion of their integration business, the quality of work was deteriorating as a result of high turnover and poor communication. Through a strategic evaluation of our client’s offshore struggles, we were able to provide an actionable plan to bring our client’s development efforts to a Tier 2 city, decreasing costs, increasing productivity, and reducing employee turnover.


Broadband and wireless communication services

Global leader with over 108 million customers in over 150 countries

Anteo Group provided a team of resources including Portal Developers, Java Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts and Business Analysts to develop a single-sign-on solution. We managed the project from inception to delivery, documenting as-is and to-be states, performing detailed documentation of technical and functional specifications, architecting and developing the system, and testing the application through UAT. By partnering with Anteo Group, our client realized a 43% savings from their original agreement with a Big 4 consulting firm.